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The following conditions of issue and use apply to the various Easyrider cards (the "Card"). Any use of the Card is subject to the rules as set out below, which may be amended from time to time.
  1. The Card is an electronic smart card issued by Nottingham City Transport Ltd (the "Company") for travel on the Company's buses within the Greater Nottingham City Area at all times.

  2. The Card remains the property of Nottingham City Transport and must be surrendered to an authorised Nottingham City Transport representative on request.

  3. Easyrider Citycard Adult and Under 18 variants are period passes which count down on a consecutive days basis, irrespective of use, until the expiry date. Days on Anytime variants (Adult, Under 18) count down only on those days used, allowing unlimited valid travel on each day, until all days have been used.

  4. Proof of age is required from customers purchasing any Easyrider Citycard Under 18 card and new cards can only be issued to customers up to and including aged 17.

  5. When an existing Easyrider Citycard Under 18 card holder turns 18 during the academic year (September to July, as per issued local authority school holiday dates), the card will remain valid until the end of the academic year to allow holders to complete their studies.

  6. The Card is not a cheque guarantee or credit/debit card.

  7. The prices for bus travel taken by the customer using the Card are as published by the Company from time to time.

  8. Debit or Credit cards can be used for payments in the NCT Travel Centre for transactions that exceed £10. American Express and Electron cards are not accepted for payment.

  9. Renewals made online or by telephone take up to 3 working days between the time of renewal and information being passed to the bus. This allows the transaction to be authorised by the bank or building society before days are credited on to the card. Payment confirmation is not proof that an Easyrider Citycard has been credited for travel and customers should buy a ticket on the bus if their Easyrider Citycard has not been validated.

  10. Customers travelling with the Card are subject to the Company's normal terms and conditions of carriage a copy of which is available at and which is also available from the NCT Travel Centre.

  11. The Card may only be used by the person whose name and/or photograph is noted on the Card and is not transferable. If use is attempted by a different person, an authorised representative of the Company (including its bus drivers) has the right to retain the card to avoid future use.

  12. The photograph on an Easyrider Citycard must at all times be a true likeness of the holder. In the event of a significant change of appearance, the Company reserves the right to request the holder obtain a new Easyrider Citycard and pay the appropriate new card fee.

  13. Where a Card is stolen, lost, damaged or otherwise unusable, the customer must notify the Company immediately. Once notified, the Company will invalidate the Card.

  14. The Company will issue a replacement Card on the next working day after notification, at a nominal charge to cover the Company's cost of replacing the Card. Any additional travel costs incurred will not be paid by the Company.

  15. The Company does not undertake to refund any sums on any Card which has been lost, stolen, unused (including partially unused) or forfeited, but may do so at its sole discretion. Refunds are not available on Cards which have 7 days or less remaining. The Company reserves the right to charge an administration fee of 10% of the refund value for any refund issued.

  16. The Customer must notify the Company immediately about any changes of details (e.g. married name, address) since the relevant Card was issued.

  17. The Company reserves the right not to issue or renew any Card without stating a reason.

  18. Unless the customer has notified the Company that it does not want to receive the following, the Company may from time to time contact the registered card holder with offers of goods and services from Nottingham City Transport Ltd. Customers may, at any time, notify the Company that they wish to be removed from the promotional list. Alternatively, please notify the Company in writing to Nottingham City Transport, Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham NG1 1GG or by email to, stating your names, address and Card number.

Issue 1, May 2012


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